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What John Gilchrist orders at Pelican Pier

John Gilchrist, Calgary Herald

When washed ashore on the coast of 14th. Street N.W., I like to wait for the tide to go out at Pelican Pier, a fine and friendly seafood joint across from the Calgary Winter Club. I am warmed by a cup of their chowder and am challenged to choose among the fish-and-chips options. Haddock, pollock, cod, halibut or salmon are on offer, lightly battered-- this is not a hide-the-fish-in-the-dough place-- and served with house-made tartar sauce. Give me a steaming pile of hand-cut fries to go with the fish and I'm ready to weather the straits of John Laurie.

January 8, 2010

Cheap Eats

John Gilchrist

Here's one for the good folks in the north who are looking for a decent, friendly, inexpensive seafood joint. The Pier has been there for a while and has a boatload of fans, but many people drive right by without ever seeing it. Too Bad. It's a great alternative for families who want a something fresh, quick, versatile, and nonchainish.

I'm always casting a line for the fish and chips. Available in haddock, pollock, cod, halibut, or salmon, and ranging from $9 to $14, it's a good feed, especially with the handcut fries. And the excellent housemade tartar sauce.

Pelican pier uses high-quality fish and doesn't let it linger, in either the fridge or the fryer. They keep it surprisingly light for something battered and deep fried. (Note: lots of things aren't battered and deep fried here - just what I ordered my charming wife points out).

My Favourute Restaurant - 5th Edition

John Gilchrist

I am frequently asked where to find good seafood, especially decent fish and chips. Pelican Pier does a mean fish and chips, but it does much more too. It's a full blown restaurant with loads of different seafood dishes and also a smattering of non-fishy things such as chicken Ceasar salad or fettuccine with chicken.

The fish and chips are top notch. For ($9.99) a couple of lightly breaded pollock fillets are served steaming hot over a pile of fries. The fish is lightly battered, not one of those three-inch thick, doughy jobs that just trap all the grease. These seem halfway between being battered and being breaded, a great alternative for those who love fish and chips but don't really want all that heaviness. The pollock itself is fine too. (You can always upgrade to cod, haddock, halibut, or salmon for a few extra bucks, a great option. Halibut is my favourite).

Pelican Pier is not a bad-looking place either. Split into two halfs, it is appropriately coast-like with lobster traps and fishnets dangling from the ceiling. Recent renovations have expanded the space a bit and given it a more wharf look. If you listen real hard, the traffic on 14th. sounds like waves lapping the shore. I almost expect to see Captain Highliner waiting tables.

Pier makes a great Catch

Louis B. Hobson

Get Out

I'd driven past Pelican Pier many a time, but it looked more like a neighbourhood pub than a restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise to learn Pelican Pier is a great family restaurant that's a nice recreation of a Maritime eatery.

The menu is simple but exactly what you expect from a spot that specializes in fish and chip combo platters. The house special features two large pieces of Alaskan Pollock with a heaping portion of home-style fries. The three piece pollock dinner is ($10.95) and, for both meals, you can substitute garden or Caesar salad or a cup of chowder for the fries. Pollock is a popular fish because it's dense and moist, but Pelican Pier also offers cod, haddock, halibut or salmon. 

The bonus at Pelican Pier is the service is every bit as satisfying as the food and the atmosphere.


Food          ***1/2

Ambiance ***1/2

Service     ***1/2

Sunday Brunch - Fishing for excellent seafood

Bill Kaufmann- Sunday Brunch

The place was dressed up like a trawler, minus the stench. In fact, the aroma of lemon and frying batter was downright inviting as we entered this neighbourhood eatery decked out in fishing tackle, nets and the namesake pelican with dinner hanging from it's bill.

The Pier is open Sundays starting at 12:00 so we decided to craft our own nautical brunch from the menu at hand, which manages to touch quite a variety of marine life. We opted for a full helping of the seafood chowder - a dense, almost sticky broth loaded with large chunks of carrots, potatoes and "any seafood that's in the kitchen" explained our host, most notably clams and salmon.

We had to sample the signature dish and Britains premier gift to the culinary world - fish and chips. The three piece($10.99) boasts a 9 oz. serving of Alaskan Pollock with a generous portion of fries. I loved the fish - light, crisp batter encasing juicy, slightly crumbling pollock. We dipped the delicious chunks of battered fish into a tangy, thick tartar sauce also made in-house.

Landlocked landlubbers take heart - Pelican Pier serves up unpretentious, solid nautical fare during brunching hours.

Food         ***1/2

Ambiance ***1/2

Service     ****



Consumer Choice Award 2010

Pelican Pier has received the gold medal award voted by Consumers  Choice Award for best seafood restaurant in Calgary for 2010.